Batteries are essential power sources for every application from your new MP3 player, to the development of carbon neutral transportation. As demand for new and more powerful battery packs grows so do materials requirements. Setaram offers you a broad range of technologies for your laboratory, including traditional TGA and DSC as well as Gas Sorption techniques.

Experiments that can be obtained with some of our systems include:
–    self discharge test
–    life cycle test
–    “abuse testing”
–    thermal stability
–    oxide characterization
–    membrane permeability

Some References
Université Picardie – France

Associated products

Very High Sensitivity Isothermal Calorimeter (ambient to 200°C)


The MS80 calorimeter has the greatest sensitivity in the Calvet 3D calorimeter range. It is mostly used in isothermal mode, between ambient temperature and + 200°C, and is intended for measurements of very low thermal effects: self-discharge of batteries, self-decomposition of powders, heat generation of plants and...

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Reaction, isothermal and scanning calorimeter (ambient to 300°C)


Incomparable precision of measurement: the 3D Calvet sensor totally surrounds the sample, and all heat evolved is measured. Now matter how small or large the thermal transformation the system provides a complete picture of the event. Absolute calibration: with a three-dimensional transducer the sensitivity of the C80...

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