Microcalorimetry : microSC

microSC (microcalorimetry)

Microcalorimetry (- 40°C to 200°C) Highlights include: – The microSC microcalorimetry instrument performs at a wide temperature range covering -40 to 200°C – 2 measuring cells, featuring zero cross talk, and easily removable and reusable cells – High precision isothermal and scanning options are available to enable the study of both transitions and long term isothermal […]

Microcalorimetry : microDSC7 evo

microDSC7 evo (microcalorimetry)

High-sensitivity DSC and microcalorimetry (-45 to 120°C) The HIGHLIGHTS • Wide operating temperature range (from -45 °C to 120 °C): cooling of the calorimeter does not require an external source. • Use in isothermal or temperature programming (DSC) mode. • Possibility to study samples in all forms: liquids, gel, powder, solid. • Variety of closed […]