Reaction Calorimetry

Reaction Calorimetry : C80

C80 (calorimetry)

Reaction, isothermal and scanning calorimeter (ambient to 300°C) Incomparable precision of measurement: the 3D Calvet sensor totally surrounds the sample, and all heat evolved is measured. Now matter how small or large the thermal transformation the system provides a complete picture of the event. Absolute calibration: with a three-dimensional transducer the sensitivity of the C80 […]

Reaction Calorimetry : DRC Evolution

DRC Evolution (reaction calorimetry)

Calorimeter for screening synthesis reactions A laboratory reactor capable of simulating experimental industrial conditions and providing rapid access to important thermodynamic properties of liquid-liquid and liquid-gas mixtures: reaction heat, mixing heat, reaction time, maximum elevations of temperature during reaction, monitoring of reaction kinetics, heat capacities, etc. Used as a screening tool to determine reaction heats, […]