Couplings / Evolved Gas Analysis

Couplings / Evolved Gas Analysis : THEMYS TGA/STA-EGA (Evolved Gas Analysis)

THEMYS TGA/STA-EGA (Evolved Gas Analysis)

Simultaneous Thermal Analysis Platform (STA) with Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA) from ambient to 1600°C The THEMYS is the NEW benchmark for modular thermogravimetric analysis. The THEMYS is available in various platforms: Standard Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA), high pressure TGA, Simultaneous Thermal Analysis (STA) TG/DSC, Differential Thermal Analysis / Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DTA/DSC), and Evolved Gas Analysis […]

Couplings / Evolved Gas Analysis : 96 Line TGA/STA-EGA


Large volume & high temperature TGA/STA-EGA (ambient to 2000°C) This is an extremely high performance weighing module used with the TGA 96. This balance can weigh samples up to 100 g and is well suited to measuring both micro-quantities of samples (a few milligrams) as well as large, dense samples while maintaining measurement resolution to […]

Couplings / Evolved Gas Analysis : SETSYS Evolution TGA/STA-EGA


High-performance simultaneous TGA & DTA / DSC (ambient / 2400°C) with Evolved Gas Analysis   The HIGHLIGHTS SETSYS Evolution is the standard for high performance TGA, TG-DSC and TG-DTA application.  It is based on a complete modular thermal analysis platform for – TGA, DTA and DSC – Simultaneous TGA/DTA and TGA/DSC – The key to […]

Couplings / Evolved Gas Analysis : SENSYS evo TG-DSC-EGA


An innovative line of Thermal Analyzers (-120 / 830°C) with 3D-Inside technology: TG-DSC-EGA   The HIGHLIGHTS Thermogravimetry Excellent TG signal baseline: the symmetry of the microbalance, with its sample and reference suspended vertically from the beam guarantee reproducible positioning of the sample over time and excellent stability of the TG signal baseline. Automatic compensation of […]

Couplings / Evolved Gas Analysis : LABSYS evo TGA/STA-EGA


TGA-EGA and Simultaneous STA-EGA, from ambient to 1150°C or 1600°C THE HIGHLIGHTS Simplicity of use: thanks to both an ergonomic design and the dedicated market leading Calisto software, LABSYS evo is user friendly and intuitive to operate – LABSYS evo offers a “Plug & play” gas analyzer coupling device,enabling simultaneous MS, FTIR or GC/MS connections. […]