DRC Evolution (reaction calorimetry)

the highlights

Calorimeter for screening synthesis reactions

A laboratory reactor capable of simulating experimental industrial conditions and providing rapid access to important thermodynamic properties of liquid-liquid and liquid-gas mixtures: reaction heat, mixing heat, reaction time, maximum elevations of temperature during reaction, monitoring of reaction kinetics, heat capacities, etc.
Used as a screening tool to determine reaction heats, the DRC offers numerous


DRC operating from -80 to 150°C
Atmospheric pressure
Calibration by Joule Effect

– double skinned flasks
– vol 100,250 or 500 ml
– Material: Pyrex

– Anchor shape
– Material: Teflon
– Speed: from 50 to 1000 rpm
– Torque: 30N.cm

Dosing System:
– Dosing Funnel
– Volume: 50ml

– Tantalum sheathed platinum probe 100ohms
– Joule effect probe
– pH-meter

– temperature control ±0.01°C


Application notes

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Calorimetry : DRC Evolution par SETARAM