TN320 – Liquid heat capacity vessel (31/1531) Private content

The accuracy of the measurement of the heat capacity of the liquid by calorimetric method depends on a correction term due to the vapor phase above the liquid. In order to overcome this difficulty, a special calorimetric vessel has been designed. The main feature is a tube welded to the experimental vessel. It is filled through one tube by means of a syringe, until the liquid comes out through a second tube. When the liquids is heated it expands freely in the tubes but the volume of the liquid in the vessel, located in the detection zone of the calorimeter remains constant. The determination of the heat capacity of this corresponding volume is achieved using the step heating mode.
Notice : the heat capacity can also be measured by using the sealed vessel (S60/1528).
The sample is then in the presence of its vapor pressure : it is suitable for solids but can sometimes also be used for liquids.

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