TN700 – Adaptation of a standard thermobalance for measurements using multiple simultaneous analytic methods Private content

Coupling analytical methods can be a way to draw more information from a single sample to understand more into depth its chemical / physical behavior, or to obtain simultaneous data under the exact same conditions. But it requires the evolution of standard analyzers so that they can physically fit and that they are not disturbed by their simultaneous operation.

A good way to determine the adsorbed species on the surface of a catalyst is infrared spectroscopy, while thermogravimetry is a good tool for the quantification of those adsorbed species. The Laboratory of Catalysis and Spectrochemistry of Caen (France) approached us to modify a standard microbalance in order to fit it with operando IR spectroscopy. The goal was to develop a TG-IR coupling with an IR beam directly oriented to the surface of the catalyst being weighed by the balance.

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