TN701 – Adaptation of standard instruments to stand specific sample and process conditions – corrosive atmospheres Private content

It may occur that standard instruments are limited in terms of application because of temperature, pressure ranges available, because of the lack of chemical compatibility of some materials against the atmospheres to be tested, or because some functionalities aren’t available.

Thermogravimetry is a common technique for the characterization of the thermal stability of materials, to understand their degradation process or to analyze their composition. Some materials like fluorides or oxyfluorides – which have interesting optical properties – release significant amounts of corrosive gases during their thermal stability testing. To fit to a customer request, our standard SETSYS Evolution TGA was modified in order to stand the release of fluorine and hydrofluoric acid (up to 20% of initial sample mass). A further challenge was that the users wanted to test the material mass uptake under a flow of a gas containing up to 10% in mass of fluorine.

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