TN704 – Adaptation of standard thermal analyzers and calorimeters to specific laboratory conditions – the space calorimeter Private content

Instrumentation may need to be adapted when meant to be used in unusual laboratory environment. Among the most challenging laboratory conditions are those of the International Space Station (ISS)…

Calorimetry is a common technique for the characterization of water-in-oil emulsions that can be met in the petroleum or food industry fields. A phenomenon affecting the stability of emulsions is know as coalescence, which refers to the merging of small water droplets into larger ones. Gravity being one of the driver for coalescence, researchers from the European Space Agency initiated the FASES (Fundamental and Applied Studies on Emulsion Stability) project, to study the impact of the absence of gravity on emulsion stability. They consulted SETARAM Instrumentation to develop a calorimeter able to fit with the challenging conditions of a laboratory in space.

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