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The flowmeter is used for the dimensional monitoring of pieces with orifices whose dimensions need to be within very tight tolerances. Such pieces cannot be touched because of their surface treatments, or because of their complex geometry, or because they are fragile or distortable.
For a number of years, in this way this instrumentation has been used in industrial sectors such as biomedics (prosthetics), cosmetics (sprays), pharmaceuticals (dosage pumps), aeronautics and the automotive sector (measuring mechanical parts). It is recognised for its durability, reliability and its very high measuring accuracy.


Dimensional control of aerosol spray nozzle

SOLEX pneumatic flowmeters can give a rapid measurement (in less than 10 seconds) with an accuracy of better than 5% of the orifice section.


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Dimensional control of gun barrels

A SOLEX pneumatic micro-measuring system fitted with an air gauge within a sleeve sliding into the gun barrel gives a reliable, repeatable and rapid inspection reading with an accuracy in the order of microns.


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Dimensional control of knee prosthesis

With a suitable air gauge the Solex flowmeter  takes a rapid and accurate angle measurement of a part.


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Dimensional control for mechanical parts: boring

Solex pneumatic micro-measurers, which use a gauge specific to the part being measured, are either used to present the part on an assembly with a fixed gauge, or to bring the gauge onto the part.
The advantages of the pneumatic method are determining when there are low tolerances on the boring to be checked (less than 100 µm).


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Dimensional monitoring of mechanical parts: shape faults

Solex pneumatic micro-measurers that use a jet buffer that is specific to the part needing to be checked, provides an instant reading of great accuracy. The method is independent of the operator and can be initiated by a non-qualified


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Dimensional monitoring of mechanical parts: Formula 1 engine piston linings

Solex pneumatic micro-measurers here use a jet buffer specifically to allow measurements in 5 planes. The low pressure of air used maintains the integrity of the particularly fragile material.


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Hip prosthesis dimensional check

Rapidly and accurately to check the geometry of the components making up a prosthesis.


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Control of cigarette diameter during production

Solex pneumatic columns use measuring heads specific to this application to provide an accurate, rapid and non-contact measurement.


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