Calisto has been developed to offer advanced treatment of thermoanalytical data independent of its source. Installation takes only a few seconds, and as it does not write to the registry files can be completed rapidly without IT departmental overview.

This new software offers a comprehensive list of functions, and can treat any Thermal Analysis data and so can become the standard within your thermal lab.

These functions include the ability drag and drop experimental curves, or to import data from other manufacturers by reading ASCII files. When examining the data, Calisto features a unique treeview that allows for intuitive switching between multiple open graphs. Axis scrolling, panning or magnifying glass functionality and functions such as data trimming and unit transformation that can be achieved in the minimum number of clicks. The Slope Correction feature is part of the advanced baseline treatment which includes sigmoid, straight or spline. Single click calculations include, Tg (Glass Transition) Integration and Inverse filtering. Exporting data in formats such as ASCII or exporting curves directly into Word using multiple graphic formats is a single mouse click.

Complex data treatment such as Signal interpolation, Derivative, different types of Savitzky-Golay smoothing (between chosen ranges with special treatment for flat or peak zones), Peak separation with asymmetric Gaussian functions, Cp determination (continuous or step method with or without reference) are all possible in less three clicks or less.

Calisto Software can also import signal files from other devices (Mass spectrometers, FTIR, …) and provide unique facilities for manipulating experiments (archiving / restore / deletion). In addition the software is fully FAD CFR21 Chapter 11 compliant with multiple user hierarchy and access to ensure data integrity.

The Calisto Processing software is intended to :

  • Import signal files of any type of thermoanalytical data: DSC, nanoDSC, microDSC, C-80, DTA, TGA, TG-MS or TG-FTIR, HFC, TMA, etc. ;
  • Import signal files from other devices (Mass spectrometers, FTIR, …) ;
  • Treat recorded signals ;
  • Provide facilities for manipulating experiments (archiving / restore / deletion).

Download AKTS-Calisto Demo/Viewer
Version 1.38 | *.zip | 29.8 MB

(Note: Simply download the above *.zip file and doubleclick on it. Username : admin, Password : admin)