KEP Innovation Center

On June 1st, KEP Technologies took a new step forward with the opening of the KEP Innovation Center, the group’s Research and Innovation center.

Located in the Geneva area, whose research and innovation resources are internationally renowned, the main objectives of the KEP Innovation Center are:

  • the continual update and expansion of the group’s different product ranges (SETARAM Instrumentation: scientific measurements, SOLEX Metrology: dimensional measurements, KEP Nuclear: nuclear measurements, KEP Technologies Metal Solutions: complex parts and assemblies) to remain on the cutting edge of technology
  • the development of innovative solutions and breakthrough technologies
  • the design of solutions customized to the needs of the group or of its customers, especially in the fields of research, aviation, defense, nuclear, medical, luxury goods…

The KEP Innovation Center hosts a multidisciplinary and cross-cultural team composed of about ten people. It includes experts in thermal management, mechatronics, automation, information technologies, computing, numerical simulation, measurement…, and benefits from a partner network in science and technology including the greatest research centers: EPFL, CEA, CNRS, UC Davis, ShanghaiTech University, University of Science & Technology Beijing…

It strengthens the existing research and development teams of KEP Technologies (Engineering, Instrumentation, Nuclear measurement) that are already established on the different group sites.

Owner of about ten patents, KEP Technologies, with the input of its research and innovation center, aims to offer its customers increasingly innovative solutions by strengthening its position as an expert in scientific, metrological and nuclear measurement.