A new brand image for a new era!

We are happy to share with you a major piece of information for KEP Technologies: The launch of the new Setaram brand logo, which marks the beginning of a new era for the most important business of our company. We invite you to watch this short video announcing the change of our logo!

Promotion #3: CALISTO 2.0

N°3- Promotion Calisto-EN

Promotion #1: LABSYS EVO 1150 or 1160

KEP Innovation Center

On June 1st, KEP Technologies took a new step forward with the opening of the KEP Innovation Center, the group’s Research and Innovation center. Located in the Geneva area, whose research and innovation resources are internationally renowned, the main objectives of the KEP Innovation Center are:

NEW! 1 Instrument, 6 versions

On the basis of the very successful LABSYS evo thermal analyzers line, SETARAM has developed 6 products with different features and benefits that will best fit your testing needs.

The instruments range from Thermo Gravimetric Analyzers (TGA) and Simultaneous Thermal Analyzers (STA) to Differential Thermal Analyzers / Differential...
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