Gas Sorption

HyEnergy, part of Setaram since 2008, is the industry standard in high performance gas sorption studies having developed the first high quality, high performance system (PCTPro) that could produce reliable, reproducible data for the different demands of hydrogen storage material.
Today that range has been expanded, built upon and improved to offer the world’s most flexible, powerful and easy to use gas sorption workstations in the market. Today’s systems offer even greater precision, while offering a unique level of flexibility by allowing you to study liquids, solids, thin films and sample sizes from mg to kg. We also offer the ability to work at cryogenic conditions up to 500 °C and with High pressure mass spectroscopy to measure off gases, and even symbiotic techniques with simultaneous calorimetry for a complete characterization of sorption processes.

Gas Sorption : THEMYS HP TGA


High Pressure TGA up to 1200°C and 150 bar The THEMYS is the NEW benchmark for modular thermogravimetric analysis. The THEMYS is available in various platforms: Standard Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA), high pressure TGA, Simultaneous Thermal Analysis (STA) TG/DSC, Differential Thermal Analysis / Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DTA/DSC), and Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA). The design of the […]

Gas Sorption : RGAPro

RGAPro (mass spectrometry)

Stand-alone High Pressure Mass Spectrometer for gas composition analysis from 200 bar to 10-8 mtorr The RGAPro is a residual gas analyzer designed to work with the PCTPro-2000 or any other gas process for real-time compositional analysis of gas sorption and reaction processes. The system uses a 100 to 300 amu quadrupole mass spectrometer with […]

Gas Sorption : PCTPro


A fully automated Sieverts instrument for measuring gas (CO2, CH4, C2H6, N2, H2) sorption properties of materials The PCTPro is based on the Sievert’s method. A sample at known pressure and volume is connected to a reservoir of known volume and pressure through an isolation valve. Opening the isolation valve allows new equilibrium to be […]