Software : CALISTO

CALISTO (thermal analysis software)

Thermal Analysis Software CALISTO comprises two independant parts: – CALISTO ACQUISITION for the control of SETARAM Thermal Analysis Systems – CALISTO PROCESSING for the treatment of ANY Thermal Analysis Data independent of instrument type and manufacturer. CALISTO ACQUISITION software is dedicated for the control of SETARAM Thermal Analysis Systems: – Program acquisition procedures (all experimental […]

Software : AKTS-Thermokinetics Software

AKTS-Thermokinetics Software

Advanced Thermokinetics Software for kinetic analysis and thermal safety A GLOBAL SOLUTION FOR KINETIC ANALYSIS AND DETERMINATION OF THE THERMAL STABILITY OF MATERIALS SETARAM Instrumentation and AKTS Software have formed a partnership to provide a global solution for kinetic analysis and determination of the thermal stability of materials The AKTS software can be applied to […]