Thermal Conductivity

Thermal conductivity and effusivity are the most important thermophysical material parameters for describing the heat transport properties of a material or component. SETARAM offers the most advanced technology commercially available for measuring these thermophsyical properties with the C-Therm TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer from its Canadian partner C-Therm Technologies Ltd. It’s simple, fast, and accurate.

Thermal Conductivity : Trident


1 instrument, 3 methods for thermal conductivity MODIFIED TRANSIENT PLANE  SOURCE ( MTPS ) Simple and precise. The MTPS method employs a single-sided sensor to directly measure thermal conductivity and effusivity of materials. The MTPS method has the highest precision, highest sensitivity, shortest test time, and is the easiest to use among all three techniques. […]

Thermal Conductivity : TX


TX Touch Experience Platform – The fastest, easiest way to measure thermal conductivity and effusivity The C-Therm TCi employs the patented Modified Transient Plane Source (MTPS) technique. The one-sided, interfacial heat reflectance sensor applies a momentary constant heat source to the sample. Thermal conductivity and effusivity are measured directly, providing a detailed overview of the […]

Thermal Conductivity : TCkit


Thermal Conductivity Kit Developed by the experts at C-Therm Technologies Ltd., the TCkit offers thermal conductivity analysis at an affordable price. An economical “do-it-yourself” solution, the TCkit is targeted primarily towards academic researchers. Employing the Transient Plane Source (TPS) method, the TCkit includes the tools & software needed to build and customize a thermal conductivity […]

Thermal Conductivity : TCi


Simply put – the fastest, easiest way to measure thermal conductivity. The third generation of C-Therm Technologies technology expands the capabilities of this rapid, non-destructive thermal conductivity and effusivity testing instrument to a whole new level. Designed to provide simple, highly accurate thermal characterization for lab, quality control and production environments, the C-Therm Technologies TCi […]