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The RSC-400AS is a rapid screening calorimeter  with:

  • DUAL SAMPLE TESTING for greater throughput and for greater accuracy when one sample and one reference (inert solvent) are tested at the same time
  • RADIATIVE HEATING and accurate temperature control (0.01°C) for more accurate decomposition temperature measurements
  • WITH 8 mL SAMPLE HOLDERS, representative samples (in terms of volume and mass) can be tested
  • ACCESSIBLY PRICED instrument and replacement parts
Temperature range (°C) Room Temperature to 400
Temperature accuracy / control (°C) 0.01
Heating rate range (°C/min) 0.5 to 10
Modes Temperature Scanning,
Isothermal, Dual Scan
Pressure Range (bar) 0 to 200
Pressure Resolution (bar) 0.001
Pressure Accuracy (bar) +/- 2

With its large temperature range, RSC-400AS is capable of testing a wide range of materials from low to high decomposition temperatures and of testing energetic decompositions leading to large temperature increase.

Its pressure range up to 200 bar is ideal for reactions releasing large gas quantities and for testing large samples.

RSC-400AS is a versatile calorimeter operating under various modes

  • Temperature scanning mode provides fast determination of onset temperature of decomposition
  • Dual Scan mode saves time by using two heating rates : a fast heating to reach a start temperature and then a slower heating rate for the decomposition temperature measurement
  • Isothermal mode is meant to characterize reaction kinetics

RSC-400AS is typically applied for testing thermal stability of chemicals when additional pressure and evolved gas data are of interest.

In the scale up process it is used after the quick screening stage on suspect materials identified using a DSC. Indeed, due to the central role of gas releasing reactions in plant process hazards, larger samples of about 5-10g are heated to destruction in RSC-400AS cells equipped with a pressure sensor. The focus of the study is to understand volume of gas evolved, when and how fast it’s evolved in order to understand its decomposition profile.



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