BT 2.15 (calorimetry)

the highlights

Low Temperature Calorimetry (from -196°C to 200°C)

The BT2.15 calorimeter permits studying all freezing and crystallization phenomena at very low temperatures for different products (oils, polymers, hydrates, materials for construction and superconductors).  A sister product to the world famous C80, the BT 2.15 gives the benefits of large volumes coupled with the unique ability to do low temperature calorimetry.

The added value of 3D Calvet sensors

Cryothermostats for BT2.15
When extremely low temperature calorimetry measurements are not necessary, BT2.15 can be equipped with a high performance chiller adapted to the user’s temperature range. -10 to 195 °C, -30 to 165 °C and -50 to 115 °C are already available.  More can be made available on request.

High pressure cell
High pressure vessels with 2 introduction tubes are available for high pressure operations under flow conditions up to 600 bar. They are made of Inconel 625 and their internal volume is 3.6 ml.

Temperature range (C°) -196 / 200
Vessels vol (ml) 12.5
Resolution (μW) 0.10
Noise RMS (μW) 0.20
Specific Noise RMS (μW/ml) 0.016
Time Constant (s) 150

Application notes

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3D Calvet Calorimetry : BT 2.15 par SETARAM