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Controlled Humidity Generator

A dry gas and a humidity–saturated gas are mixed in order to produce a gaseous flow with a controlled and stable humidity rate of ±0.3% RH, at a given temperature.
Programming is done by EURTOHERM devices that incorporate the humidity and temperature measurement of gas flow and their precise control, permitting the formulation of humidity profiles (ramp, plateau, humidity rate incrementation…).

Wetsys can operate with different gases: He, Air, Ar, Ar, N2, CO2. Its main features are:
– Temperature range: RT to 70°C.
– RH (Relative Humidity): 5–95%.
– Flow rates: 20 to 50 ml/min.
– Autonomy > 1000 hours.
– Heated transfer line: RT to 85°C.

Pre-calibrated for various gases Air, He, N2, CO2, Ar
Heated transfer line ambient to 100°C
Gas humidity ambient to 50°C 5-95% RH
Gas humidity 50°C to 70°C 5-90% RH
Humidity profiles generation constant RH, steps and ramps up or down
Output flow rate 1 to 50 ml/min
Autonomy 1000 hours at 70°C 90% RH, 20 ml/min
Accuracy ±1.5% RH, ±0,3°C
Stability ±0,3% RH
Programmer up to 20 profiles
Operating in dry gas electrovalves for saturator isolation
Interface Eurotherm 2704
Dimension 420 x 350 x 530 mm
Weight 22 kg

Application notes

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Gas Humidity Generator : Wetsys par SETARAM