HP Micro DSC (high pressure microcalorimetry)

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Mastering High Pressure DSC & Microcalorimetry up to 1000 bars – 14,500 psi

Originally designed under a IFP (Institut Français du Petrole) license to study the gas hydrates formation and dissociation, the high pressure version of the μDSC7 evo offers unique capabilities on the market: on a wide temperature range, from the subambient temperature of -45°C up to 120°C, it is possible to carry out high sensitive DSC measurements under high and very high pressure, up to 1000 bars (14 600 psi). Experiments under gas supercritical conditions, such as CO2, are also available.

The high pressure μDSC7 evo comprises three elements:
– the highly sensitive microcalorimeter μDSC7 evo providing a temperature range from -45 up to 120°C,

– a pair of dedicated gas-tight high-pressure cells: they are designed to work up to 400 bars (5800 psi) and to contain 0.5 ml of sample. They are made of Hastelloy C276, which allows the analysis of corrosive fl uids. They can be re-used after a suitable cleaning. Very-high-pressure cells with pressure capabilities up to 1000 bars (14600 psi) are also available on request,
– a specific high pressure gas panel.

Temperature range -45 °C to 120°C (Cooling under 0°C requires the use of an auxiliary thermostat)
Programmable temperature scanning rate (heating and cooling) 0.001 to 2°C.min-1
RMS Noise 0.4 μW
Resolution 0.02 μW / 0.002 μW
High Pressure cell high pressure
Pressure (measured & controlled) 400 bar / 5800 psi or 1000 bar / 14 600 psi requires the use of high pressure cells and gas panel


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