C-Therm Dilatometer

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Horizontal dilatometer (room temperature / 1200°C)



C-Therm dilatometers offer high resolution and stability across a broad measurement range. With unparalleled ease-of-use, high adaptability, and modular design, C-Therm dilatometers offer researchers a robust cost-effective solution to their characterization needs.


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Temperature Range Room Temperature to 1200°C
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Max Displacement 4mm
Change of Length Resolution 1.25nm/digit
Atmosphere Air, Vacuum, Inert Gas
Sample Dimensions 10 to 50mm long x max diam. 12mm
Sample Holder Fused Silica, Alumina
Configurations Single or Dual LVDT System
Heating Element Kanthal wire (FeCrAl)
Rate of Increase Up to 50°C/min

The horizontal configuration provides users flexibility in sample placement and geometry making it easy and versatile solution.
The C-Therm dilatometer can offer sample formats up to 50mm in length.  Additionally, the system can offer a dual-sample configuration in doubling the testing capacity or be run as a differential measurement.
Electronics & software
C-Therm’s dilatometer was developed with the same central controller as C-Therm’s TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer – offering clients savings of up to 40% in combining the two!
C-Therm’s dilatometer uses its own data acquisition software and produces data files that are fully compatible and importable in the state-of-the-art Calisto data treatment software.


The C-Therm dilatometer provides unparalleled ease of use in the study of bulk polymers, ceramics, glass and metal alloys.



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