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Simply put – the fastest, easiest way to measure thermal conductivity.

The third generation of C-Therm Technologies technology expands the capabilities of this rapid, non-destructive thermal conductivity and effusivity testing instrument to a whole new level. Designed to provide simple, highly accurate thermal characterization for lab, quality control and production environments, the C-Therm Technologies TCi Thermal Property Analyzer requires no calibration or sample preparation. The system has broad testing capabilities (0.0 to 500 W/mK) in a wide range of temperatures (–50°Cto 200°C). The TCi can be equipped with one or two sensors for increased capacity, and provides accurate thermal analysis of solids, liquids, powders and pastes in less time than any other instrument – only 5 seconds. And because the procedure is non-destructive, samples remain intact, undisturbed and reusable after testing.

C-Therm TCi complies with the requirements of ASTM standard D7984 on Standard Test Method for Measurement of Thermal Effusivity.

NEW: Option to expand temperature range to 500 ºC

Thermal conductivity range 0 to 500W/mk
Test time 0.8 to 5 seconds
Minimum sample testing size 0.67″ (17 mm) diameter
Maximum sample testing size unlimited
Minimum thickness nominally 0.02″” (0.5 mm) dependant on thermal conductivity of material
Maximum thickness unlimited
Temperature range -58° to 392°C (-50° to 200°C) – Option to expand temperature range to 500°C
Precision better than 1%
Accuracy better than 5%
Extra hook-ups required none
Software Intuitive Windows®-based software interface. Easy export to Microsoft
Excel®. Additional functionality offers indirect, user-input capabilities for
a number of other thermo-physical properties including:
– Thermal Diffusivity
– Heat Capacity
– Density
Input 110-230 VAC 50-60Hz
Certifications FCC, CE, CSA

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The All-New TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer (with optional dilatometer)
Thermal Conductivity : TCi par SETARAM