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Thermal Conductivity Kit

Developed by the experts at C-Therm Technologies Ltd., the TCkit offers thermal conductivity analysis at an affordable price.
An economical “do-it-yourself” solution, the TCkit is targeted primarily towards academic researchers. Employing the Transient Plane Source (TPS) method, the TCkit includes the tools & software needed to build and customize
a thermal conductivity analyzer at a fraction of the price.
Paired with a standard Source Measure Unit (sold separately), the TCkit is a great way to start testing thermal conductivity, now!

Thermal conductivity range 0.03 to 60 W/mK
Temperature range 10 to 80 °C
Accuracy Better than 5%
Precision Better than 2%
Reproducibility Better than 3%
Sensor size 13 mm diameter
Testing time 10 s to 180 s
Power range 0.01 W to 10 W
Smallest sample size 10 mm X 30 mm diameter
Largest sample size Unlimited


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