AKTS-Thermal Safety Software

Your specialist in thermal stability of chemicals for TMRad, SADT and Slow Cookoff determination – DSC DTA TG TMA EGA TG-MS TG-FTIR

AKTS-Thermal Safety Software enables the calculation of the Time to Maximum Rate under adiabatic conditions (TMRad). Finite Element Analysis (FEA) extends the application of calculating methods to analyze the thermal behavior under non-adiabatic conditions. FEA enables the determination of the impact that substance and container properties can have on the reaction progress. This analysis can then be used to determine critical design parameters such as the critical radius for a container, the necessary thickness of insulation, and the influence of the surrounding temperature on storage and transport safety. The method enables the prediction of the heat accumulation process and the reaction progress for any surrounding temperature profile (isothermal, stepwise, periodic temperature variations, temperature shock and real atmospheric temperature profiles). Key applications for AKTS method are found in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, for self-reactive chemicals, explosives and thermal hazards for dangerous goods. Analysis and specific safety concepts produced for customers by AKTS-Thermal Safety Software are optimized for cost-effectiveness and apply state-of-the-art technology.

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Download AKTS-Thermal Safety Demo/Viewer
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