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Standard training

Today we offer different types of training programs, all designed to enhance and improve your understanding, confidence and ability with modern characterization data.

  • Designed for newcomers or for any user of SETARAM Instrumentation, the functionality of the instrument studied in the course is described in detail so that the trainee understands all the functions and can hence make optimal use of it.
  • The precautions for use are described, as appropriate for the device or accessories used (crucible, cell, atmosphere, etc) together with detailed instruction on the different software required. One or more experiments are performed in the different configurations of the instrument, under the supervision of the instructor together with routine and corrective maintenance.
  • The various software applications available for the instruments are reviewed. Aspects of preventive maintenance, which serves to maintain the instrument in optimum conditions for use at all times, shall be addressed, followed by an introduction to corrective maintenance,  which involves the replacement of certain components of the instrument (e.g. replacement of a thermocouple, or a muffle in the case of Setsys).

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Customized Training

  • Focused on a particular instrument or application area we help the more experienced user to optimize and design experimental conditions so as to enhance and improve data quality and therefore improve your overall understanding of the effect under study.These are intensive, hands on courses that involve detailed experimentation and data interpretation.
  • The customized sessions duration and contents are designed in hand with you, the customer.
    These are to help you to address required experience in instrumentation, software or applications.