Automated machines are the natural extension of the Solex inspection systems. Combining a set of imaging systems, with robot handling devices and image processing software allows for the provision of a rapid inspection system that fulfils the needs of mass production. X-Ray imaging is particularly relevant for inspecting parts that have already been assembled. Our solutions are designed on a case-by-case basis working from the specifications set by our clients.

Automated X-ray industrial inspection solutions

Problem areas

This is about detecting non-compliance in roller shutter electric motors following assembly on a manufacturing line.  As well as checking particular dimensions, the quality of the motor electrical feeder chain is inspected :

  • Checking connection systems
  • Checking the shapes of particular components in the electrical chain
  • Checking for the presence of particular mechanical parts and electrical components
  • Checking for the presence of particular screws and circlips

Key elements

Our skills in automation, in X-ray imaging (including radio protection standards), in image analysis, along with the organization of our R&D service being structured to manage specific projects have been applied all along this project.

A 6-axis robot takes the motor to be checked and presents it to the X-ray source at particular angles to examine the various areas of interest. Developed image processing algorithms allow the checking of particular dimensions for example via the determination of plane-to-plane or plane-to-point distances, or to compare these areas of interest with a defect database (reference view compilation).

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